Tuesday, October 6, 2009

The right moment of changing tagline

Tagline is a statement, promise or trademark claim against the market (consumers). The higher the level of competition, the more important a brand has a tagline both tangible (rational) or intangible (emotional). Through tagline verbal excellence in product. Therefore , when the brand began to enter the market (competition) then the tagline is required. Whether verbal or visual form. Certainly a tagline should be communicated and built to achieve and prove the benefits (value) brands to target consumers believe in the benefits of these brands through a tagline.



By Adrienne Markovic
Analysis of the histories of both Coca-Cola and Starbucks offer us commoners a treasure trove of tips for our own marketing and branding campaigns. So, you area startup company, mom & pop job, and/or small business that cannot yet conceive of Global domination? Here are 12 compiled tips from the legends that took them from obscurity to near mythical standings.


Saturday, August 1, 2009

Aesthetic or Communication? 2

By: M. Ismail
This article is a continuation of Estetika or communication? (1). In the previous article we discussed about the difference between aesthetics and communication in general. On this article we will further discuss the relationship and communication with the aesthetic graphic design and advertising.


Aesthetic or Communication? 1

By M. Ismail
Some time ago, I stop in to the website indonesia graphic design and website dkv-Bandung unpas read one article which is quite interesting with the title "Estetika or function." I am inspired to write the article with the same theme, but I adjusted to the topic in this blog, namely graphic design and advertising. As you read the title above which is "Estetika or communication" similar but different.


Graphic Designer vs Art Director

By M. Ismail
Do you see a job ad with the heading: "Urgently needed a graphic designer and art director!" I'm sure you never see it but for those who work as a graphic designer or art director on this industry.

So what should be a graphic designer and art director? The second professional background has the same skill. What distinguishes?


Friday, July 24, 2009

Discovery why we think David Becham should concentrate on Football

By Paul Ashby
We must change the way we think about marketing, it is no longer, if it has ever been, business-to-consumer but consumer-to-consumer.
This means recognizing that your most important relationship is not between the company and the brand and any given consumer, but between the latter and other individuals.


Tuesday, July 7, 2009

Tone and Manner

If you have worked in-house or agency graphic advertising certainly often heard these two words "tone and manner." Because usually in one of the items listed Job brief sentence "tone and manner." But for those of you who have never worked on wonder what is being "tone and manner." Well, I will explain to you what the "tone and manner."


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